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Sep 11, 2024 - Oct 16, 2024

Strategic Thinking Programme - On-line 6 Week Programme. Wednesdays between 4-5pm

Programme Details

The programme has been designed to move operational managers up to strategic thinking and working by showing participants how to: • Analyse their operating environment to formulate a strategic view of the external influences that will impact its future • Position your organisation strategically in a strong position given the climate and environment you operate in. • Differentiate between strategic and operational tasks and activities • Critically analyse factors that will impact on the organisation’s future • Improve strategic decision-making • Prioritise decisions in order of strategic importance • Take a solution focused approach to planning and design • Recognise bias in the strategic planning process and take measure to neutralize it • Assess, rank and mitigate strategic risks to improve outcomes. • Assess, design and execute large scale complex change programmes

Sessions 4:30 - 5:30 pm


Single Payment
2 Plans Available
From £233.00/month

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