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TOTW 1: How to make sure people open and read your emails!

Tip of the Week #1

Email marketing is enjoying something of a revival and can be very effective as long as you follow the big 5 rules:

1. Gain the readers' attention; Great design and great copy are important if you want them to read beyond the subject header, but using the persons name to make that initial connection personal is more powerful. Birthday emails generate 481% higher transaction rates for e-commerce sites (e-commerce purchasing from emails is on the rise). 2. Have an interesting subject title; tell them what the contents of the email will do for them by using actionable language in the title. 3. Make your content valuable to your customer; Ensure it solves a common problem they experience or answers a question they may have been wrestling with. Concise and clear, cutting out the waffle. Your email should deliver value in as fewer sentences as possible. It is estimated that 35% of all email is read using a smartphone, so short and sweet is likely to be received positively. Even plain text emails can be an effective marketing tool as long as the content is good. 4. Make an emotional connection with your emails; be loveable, be funny, be insightful but NEVER BE DULL! 5. End with a definite call to action; effective emails have calls-to-action, well, the good ones do. First and foremost remember, people scan their emails, so your email call-to-action should be extremely easy to identify. If you are sending a HTML email you can include website links, registration buttons or voucher codes to encourage the reader to act. And don’t try to be subtle and hope they get the inference, if you want them to click the link tell them that’s what you want them to do!

In 2024 the number of email uses is expected to hit 4.5 billion, more than 59% of the worlds' population! So yes, email should be part of your marketing strategy.

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Warm regards Wendy

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