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TOTW 20: How to employ storytelling in business

Tip of the Week #20

The Micro Business Growth Club theme in June is how to employ storytelling is in business.  Storytelling is a powerful tool for small businesses to engage customers, build brand iden

The stronger the emotional connection, the more of the message is retained by the observer/listener. 

The three easiest ways to utilise storytelling in your business are;

  1. Use it to tell your story; describing what you do is interesting, showing someone how you do it is of some value but telling them why you do what you do will resonate at a different level with people.  The emotional connection is likely to engender deeper levels of loyalty and relationship between you and prospective customers.  Ensure you tell it with emotion, humour and context, not just the facts.

  2. Use it to tell their story: every existing client has their own story about how you have helped them and what they have gained from working with you.  These are powerful examples of social selling as prospective clients are more likely to choose you if they can identify with the buying motives of your clients.  Video case studies and testimonials carry more opportunities to connect on an emotional level and the more genuine and natural the better.

  3. Use it to demonstrate your differentiators: people will not buy from you because you are the same as your competitors but because you are different.  Use storytelling to describe the differences, not just the features and benefits but the difference you make when working with your clients. 

Use strong visual images to convey that difference to heighten the effect of your storytelling.  Every one of us had a favourite storybook when we ere younger, and I bet you can still remember some of those pictures.

Storytelling is not a one-time activity but an ongoing process. Continuously evolve your storytelling based on customer feedback, market trends, and your business's growth.


Authentic and engaging storytelling can help your small business stand out and create a lasting connection with your audience.

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