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TOTW 27: Taking Advantage of the Summer Break

Tip of the Week #27

Hi sunseekers .......


Although the weather may not feel like it, we are in the summer break and this is a great time for small businesses to take stock and make improvements.

1. Plan Ahead

In the summer, you can be looking into new contacts and leads that will provide you with steady business during the run-up to Christmas. Planning ahead helps to ensure that you keep your business visible during the summer and cultivate prospects.


2. Attend Networking Events

Summer is a great time to network. When the weather is warm, people like to organise both business and social outings more often. Attend as many networking events as possible during this time to try new groups out to find ones that are a good fit for you.   While some leads might not convert into business immediately, at least you’re building some good connections.


3: Revamp Your Web Presence

Since business tends to slow for many in the summer, this is the perfect time to spruce up your web presence. Use it as an opportunity to revamp your website, or to spruce up your LinkedIn profile, Facebook and other social media pages.


4: Stay Optimistic and Persistent

A lot of businesspeople find themselves feeling a little flat over August, however, it’s important that you remember that business ebbs and flows, and that you must remain consistent and focused.  Keep connecting and engaging with your audience and your efforts will pay off.


5. Try something new.

Venture into lives or videos for your social media. Share stories that you can relate to your business or just engage your audience with summer topics to get the conversation going.

You can make some great inroads into business growth by using the seasonal fluctuations to plan and make changes.  Don’t forget that the Micro Business Growth Club can help you develop your ideas and summer strategies.


If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. I am here to support your business grow

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