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TOTW 29: Have a plan 'B'

Tip of the Week #29

What a week!


A local farmhand and his bailing machine took out our internet and phone lines two days before the house and office move, that was not stressful at all!


With that in mind, I thought the tips email today should focus on creating a Plan B for our business when the universe conspires against our normal operations.

Tip 1. Conduct a simple business risk assessment: 

Ask yourself some basic questions; Identify the business critical operations that keep it ticking over and the threats to them. (E.g. Emails, marketing, social media, e-commerce, invoicing, website operations, Zoom meetings etc). Which of those can be automated to happen remotely. (Micro Business Growth Club members can access a risk assessment process in the document vault)

Tip 2. Loss of internet Connection:


a) Have an alternative location/source of internet connection that you can call on in an emergency.  That might be an internet cafe, hot desk office facility or even a friend/family member location just to keep you connected and online. 


b) By preplanning content and using a scheduling tool you can ensure your social media presence is not disrupted. 


c) ALWAYS ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE A DATA BACKUP FACILITY TO ENSURE YOU LOSE NO DATA IN SUCH AN EMERGENCY. D0 Keep people updated with what is happening and what you are doing to fix it and where possible give a timeline for normal service being resumed.

Tip 3. Loss of a key supplier:


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and cultivate at least two suppliers for your main commodities.  That way if one is unable to help you have an alternative that keeps the business going. 


Tip 4: Sudden Absence (health/hospitalisation):


Have a mechanism in place where you can keep you customers up to date with what is happening.  That can be anything from a simple message on your ‘out of office'/auto response on your email accounts.  Have some recorded content ready that you can put out for regular meetings, webinars that you need to honour.  Work with a trusted associate that does similar things to you who can keep the wheels turning in your absence.  Collaborations like this can mean it is a “quid-pro-quo” arrangement where you can operate business continuity for each other.

A little forward thinking and preparation takes the pressure off and ensures business continuity to get you over a couple of days without adding stress and pressure to an already difficult situation.


The Micro Business Growth Club can help you identify some great ways to do this.


If you have any questions or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. I am here to support your business growth.

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