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TOTW 31: Personalise your sales techniques

Tip of the Week #31

Whether you are enjoying the break or prepping for the coming week this week's tips are designed to get you thinking about how you sell.


Here are my top three tips.

Tip 1. 

Learn to speak directly to your audience, generalised messages miss the mark more often than not because they are too woolly.  In a bid to connect with everyone, you end up connecting with no-one in particular so learn the language they use and speak it fluently.


Tip 2.  

Your sales messages should engage as many senses as possible.  They may forget what you said and even what you look like but they will always remember how you made them feel.  Sight, hearing, small, taste, touch need to be engaged to reinforce the memory your marketing creates.


Tip 3. 

Develop a conversation that promotes your services that you are happy to have with prospects and networking connections and it will never feel as if you are selling.  Your task is to get the closest match possible for a problem they are having with a solution you can provide.

Sales has changed.  It is no longer the pushy, technique-heavy snake oil it once was because buyers are more sophisticated now.  Authenticity rules and if you can find that authentic sales conversation you are happy to have then you and your business will benefit.

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