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TOTW 32: Networking: What makes a great 60 seconds?

Tip of the Week #32

It's the beginning of September and a new theme for the Micro Growth Business Club. This month I want to focus our attention on networking.


It is a crucial activity for any business and there will be businesses made or broken on the quality of their networking.


The Micro Business Growth Club takes a fresh look at how you can use it systematically to provide leads and new business.


So I thought I would share my top tips.

Tip 1. 


Create a memorable pitch.  30–60 seconds is not a lot of time to make an impact, but it is enough time to create a memory. What is the single thing you want them to remember about you from that meeting, and what hook will you use to ensure they do? 

A fantastic fact, surprising statistic or a statement that makes them feel something. 

Don’t start with your name and company, end with it once you have their attention.


Tip 2.  


If networking was a meal then the meeting would just be the starter, the main course is the 1-2-1 that follows and adds substance to the connections you make. 

Have a structure and a purpose to them so that you gain information of real value when participate in them.  You need to know two things from a 1-2-1, how do they differ from their competitors, and what sort of person are they.  Focus on that, and you will save yourself lots of unproductive coffees or Zoom meetings.


Tip 3. 


Are you a hunter or a farmer? Hunters are always about their gain, sales driven and impatient, but farmers realise that prospects need cultivating, nurturing and time to germinate. Are you a go-getter or a go-giver, and how is that working out for you? 

Farming means you cultivate a network of connections that keep giving year after year, not always in direct sales but in collaborations, relationships and personal recommendations.  To be a farmer you need to think altruistically, be referral driven and be in it for the long game.


Tip 4. 


Networking is a business investment activity, so you need to pick your groups carefully and make sure you mix with your ideal clients.  If you are the most experienced and best networker in the room ask yourself are you in the right room?

Business networking is an effective business tool that provides a platform to build connections for growth and development, both professionally and individually. 


I am happy to review your networking activities to see if you need to shake thing up a little, just drop me an email and we'll schedule a discussion.

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