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TOTW 33: The Best Networking Questions

Tip of the Week #33

Hope you had a great week and a nice weekend break and on this wonderful Monday morning I want to talk Networking!  It can be a bit ‘marmite’ depending on the groups and location, but networking is essential to our visibility and ultimately our prosperity.  


So today's tips are not tips but the top 10 questions to ask when you are networking.  


“What do you do?” is uninspiring and lacking interest, so next time you network shake it up a bit by using ONLY these questions, and see what it does to the conversations you have and the connections you make.

  • What does a typical day look like for you?

  • What is the favourite thing about running your business?

  • What’s the least favourite thing about running your business?

  • Who is a great client for you?

  • What project are you working on at the moment that really excites you?

  • How do you stay organised?

  • How do you generate new sales?

  • What tools/approaches have been really successful for you?

  • What do you like about this particular networking group?

  • How do you follow up after meetings like this?

This list could be much longer, but we do get into a habit of asking the same questions which is boring for everyone.  Try some of these and see how they make a difference to you.


Have a fantastic week.

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