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Feedback on my recent
SME Business Strategy 

Gill Brooksmith - Developing the Brain

Thank you so much Wendy. It was a real eye opener. Learned so much in one and a half hours. Your programmes are essential for anyone who wants to take their business seriously and quantum leap forward.

Sharon Louca - Women's Business Networking

The Soirée was fantastic as always so much value in it thank you, Wendy Garcarz


L.K. Willis - Sutton Credit Control

Thank you so much Wendy, great guidance to clarify our business and the way forward 


Jacqui Lilley JLP Payroll services:

Attended Wendy Garcarz Strategy Soirée yesterday along with other amazing ladies from Women's Business Network.

What an insightful hour and a half, full of great information, strategies, ideas and much more, to help us to focus on being more intelligent about how we manage our business and our own well-being.  It's not rocket science, but we all get tied up with working in our business, forgetting the important part of looking at how we do what we do, why we do what we do. And most of all monitoring the results of our labour.


Wendy Garcarz has a no nonsense approach to help business owners build an effective strategy to capitalise on all the opportunities available to help their businesses become the success they deserve to be.  Thank you so much for your time Wendy.


Wendy sends a big Thank You to everyone who attended the fully subscribed Business Strategy Soiree on Tuesday 18th Jan.

Your feedback is very much appreciated

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